Basic timeline of events leading up to the campaign

Shadows over the Rebellion

This campaign will take place in alternate timeline from the established movie canon.  It also works under a lightly different history of the Jedi than the Jedi Order presented in the prequel trilogy.

Important changes from the established movie canon…

  • There was never a Jedi Council.The Jedi were trained and lived much more like wandering monks. They were given a stipend and authority by the Republic, but were never monolithic or heavily organized. They wandered where the force willed them, rooting out threats to the Republic and generally helping people where they could. They were never numerous, and it would have been possible for more fringe settlers to live their whole lives never encountering a Jedi. So they were almost-myth even when they had influence.
  • Anyone could become a Jedi, given proper dedication and training. Some had more aptitude and prowess, but Jedi abilities varied greatly.
  • Training new Jedi was usually done by a handful of Masters. Usually one-on-one. But any Jedi could recruit and train if they felt confident they would succeed.
  • The Clone Wars were still Palpatine’s rise to power, but clones were used by both sides. The fighting was long and terrible. Both sides created millions of soldiers and sent them into battle with cheap ships and weapons. Most of the Jedi died fighting the war. Those that survived were hunted down by Vader and the Imperial Inquisition.

Events of Episode IV and V occur as they did in the movies until the very end of Empire Strikes back.  ABY = After the Battle of Yavin, the destruction of the Death Star in the end of Episode IV

3 ABY 

  • Bespin Betrayal: Luke surrenders to Vader. Luke provides the location of the rebel fleet rendezvous and the Empire strikes a decisive blow and destroys most the rebellion’s assets.
  • Luke becomes Tyran Rath and begins his training under Vader in secret.
  • Leia survives the destruction of the rebel fleet and is led by the spirit of Obi Wan to Degobah. Leia begins training as a Jedi.


  • Rath completes his training and together, he and Vader begin secretly recruiting new Sith disciples in a remote station called the Shadow Academy.
  • Leia completes her training and she begins gathering the scattered rebels and recruiting new allies for the rebellion.


  • Vader and Rath openly declare the new Sith Legion and attempt a coup against Emperor Palpatine. Roughly a third of Imperial military forces and worlds join them. The surprise of the betrayal puts the Imperial loyalists on the defensive initially. The Sith Legion fights all the way to Coruscant where the sudden appearance of Grand Admiral Thrawn gives the Empire victory and drives the Sith Legion off-world.
  • Open conflict is the new norm as the lines of battle are drawn. Star Destroyer fleets engage one another and conquer worlds as territories shift and solidify. While the Empire commands the majority of ships and troops, the new Sith warriors have the edge in individual power. Several become new names in terror and prowess.
  • Palpatine takes on a new apprentice, still adhering to the original Sith Rule of Two.
  • Palpatine also resurrects the Inquisitors and seconds many of his personal guardsman to fight the Sith Legion warriors


  • The sudden chaos in the galaxy gives new life to Leia’s recruitment efforts. She secretly marries Prince Isolder of the Hapes Consortium to solidify their support.
  • The Hapan ship yards begin building warships, but teh efforst are slowed by lack of raw materials.
  • Leia begins training handful of new Jedi.
  • The new Rebellion is much more decentralized, with hundreds of independent cells operating more or less independently.  The PCs are one such cell.


  • The adventures. This is where the PCs step in.
  • Rebel spies have learned Grand Admiral Daala has been tasked with fighting the Rebellion. The presence of fledgling Jedi means she has significant Inquisitorial support.
  • Open war continues to be fought between the Empire and the Sith Legion. Grand Admiral Thrawn proves to be a superior tactician, but the individual efforts of Tyran Rath, Lord Vader and the Sith warriors keep things even.

Basic timeline of events leading up to the campaign

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