Shadows Over the Galaxy

Welcome to the jungle

Your adventure begins!

Your reliable transpoprt is hours away, hidden as carefully as you could manage under the trees and foliage.  It has been a long, arduous trek through the sticky, hot jungles of Onderon.  Moisture constantly drips from the leaves overhead.  Clouds of biting insectoids swarm you incessantly.  You wish there was a breeze.  The trek has been un-eventful so far, but your thoughts linger on the enormous set of clawed tracks you crossed at the last ridge.

According to your holo-map, the Imperial base is just ahead.  The bothan spy-net indicates this base is a listening post established by the sector governor, Moff Dardano, for the sole purpose of spying on his political rival, Admiral Corlen.  Not only would the base provide an excellent staging area for operations in this planetary system, Rebellion Command is certain the secret base was not constructed with permission and thus, Moff Dardano would not risk attempting to retake the base with Imperial troops and exposing his underhanded ways.

Now, all that remains is to break into a well-defended Imperial stronghold and ensure no one knows…



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