Shadows Over the Galaxy

Rescue and Ration bartering

There was little rest for our heroes after their victory at Whisper Base.  While deliberating about how to address various concerns regarding maintenance and security, a half-dozen villagers arrived from a nearby settlement, Darrastead.  When the newcomers discovered the base was no longer occupied by Imperials, our rebels were invited to come meet the village eldr, DEIL KADRU.

Kadru was very happy to learn of the bases change of hands.  She and Cole worked out a temporary deal for villagers to help maintain the base in exchange for roughly half of the base's supplies.

Neris looked over the aged Ghtroc 720 freighter and learned that it would never fly again, or even power up, without a new power coil modulator.  She began urging the others to vist Iziz for parts.

When an incoming rebel agent failed to arrive and the SigInt Array picked up word of a recently captured smuggler, the rebels decided to chance a rescue.  They used speeder bikes for a night trip to Iziz and began putting out feelers for who and where the smuggler might be.  Pandora's street smarts proved useful as she found contacts who provided not only the location of the target but also plans for the building.

The next day, the rebels scouted the place and created a plan.  Under the cover of darkness, they broke into an adjacent warehouse and jumped over the alley into an open window.  From there, Zork lead the charge into the security station where the group overpowered a pair of Stormtroopers.  The Rebels swiftly broke their grateful target out of his cell and then made their escape onto the roof.

The smuggler did turn out to be group's missing intelligence officer, who introduced himself as GAAV FENNRO.  Gaav's skill set will make him especially suited to monitoring the SigInt Array and is a major boon to our band's efforts on Onderon.

There is much yet to be done, because, as Hope forewarned, it's only a matter of time before Moff Dardano learns of what has happened and returns to attempt to reclaim his secret base…



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